Terribly sorry for the terrible lack of updates but I’ve been a tad busy :O)

Currently we’ve got 3 games in production for iOS and 1 iOS application as well as a whole host of edu titles running in Flash that should be hitting a web-browser at some point in the next 3 months, I’m also doing audio direction for an educational games company in London and balancing all that out with  giving lectures at LSBU in London and building binaural recording rigs, tube microphones, pinhole microphones, synthesizers and effects units for various folks.

In between all this I’ve actually found the time to create board layouts for various fun Nintendo NES sound tools (fabulous for sound effect generation and music!)  and put the remaining time into actually attempting to finish an album!

Projects completed since the last update include further versions of Chu-Chu for Android and about 17 online mini games titles (more on that soon too!)