I’ve produced audio content for titles across many platforms over the years, including the old monochrome gameboy its color big brother, the gameboy advance and onto next gen platforms like the PSP and PS2/3 – games titles you may have had a go at have included: Star X, Zoo Cube (gba), Ford Racing (PSP sfx), The Mummy, Nip/Tuck, iNinja (gba), Rex the Runt, Angry Kid, Chicken Run (mobile), Extreme Pool, Kids Next Door, Marvel Super Heroes, Disney Princess’s (TV games) and the Commodore 64 based TV games like Hummer Racing and the c64 DTV as well as a very large amount of mobile games for smaller studios…

My niche tended to be (in the early days) small footprint audio and so my skills were used quite a bit on handheld gaming devices (Nintendo Gameboy etc), TV games (plug n play) and a lot of mobile/cell phone game titles for a whole host of different people and companies including; Coyote, Bam, DC Studios, Acclaim, Commodore, Graphic State, Galaxy Life, Airplay, Affinity Games, Ziggurat Interactive, Overloaded, Disney Interactive, Paragon5 (I did the docs and example tunes for their hugely enjoyable gameboy tracking software for Windows), Imagination London, 5000FT and Nephin Games as well as a whole host of other smaller dev houses and publishers, and lets not forget those ring tones – I did quite a few of those too :) later on I moved onto streaming audio formats and produced a lot of audio for a large MMORPG entitled Galaxy Life which sadly didnt make it onto the market in the end, which was a shame as it had a lot of potential to be something quite different.

Lately I’ve been moving more into the audio production and studio side of things and have even started building my own kit – look out for some pictures soon! Side projects related to kit building/hacking include my Techno Value project – see http://myspace.com/technovalue for the full lowdown.

Currently i’m collaborating with local artists and musicians in commercial music and doing audio production and composition work for DS and Wii games, as well as mobile / cell phone and iPhone titles as well as soundtracking several short films (more on that later).

I’m also always interested in new and exciting ideas for games – especially anything “audio game” related! *grin*

So do feel free to drop me a mail via info@lemonmultimedia.co.uk to discuss any ideas or pitches for titles you may need help with.