Some of the more interesting kit i’ve got is listed here:

Baglamas (trad. Greek instrument)
Baritone & Tenor Ukelele
Bongo Drums
Bouzouki & Baklathaki (another trad. Greek set of instruments)
Djembi drum
C=64 / Synth
Casiotone MT100
Circuitbent Casio SA1
Circuitbent Casio SA2
Circuitbent Casio PT1
Circuitbent Casio Rapman
Circuitbent Casio SK10
Chinese Flute/Pipe
HingHon EK1
Circuitbent EK1
Circuitbent Speak and Spell
Dean Classical Guitar
Ethnic Percussion
Fender Electric Bass
Fender Electric Guitar
Fostex 8 Track Deck
Full set of Harmonica’s
12 string Guitar
Homebuilt analog squarewave synth’s * 3
Korg X5D Synth
Melodica Appollo
Mouth Harp
Roland Jupiter 4
Soprano Bongos
Spanish Guitar
Stylophone x2 (original and one of those newfangled ones) – fab!
Tin Flutes
Tin Whistles
Traditional Squeezebox
Traditional Wind Organ
Ukulele / Electric Ukulele (can you circuitbend a ukulele?)
Various Amps n things
Various Fx Units (including some whacky homemade spring reverb units – pics coming soon!)
Yamaha PSS80
Yamaha PSS360 (FM)
Yamaha DX100 (FM)
Circuitbent Yamaha PSS6
Circuitbent Yamaha PSS11
Zoom Drum Machines